12th NOV 2016 @ KOCHI

Bringing together the most forward thinking innovators, product visionaries, designers, mobility experts and programmers to one big Techspectation!
Registrations have been closed on October 31st, 2016


The stage is set, the spotlight is ready. Do you dare enough to stand up and sell your dream to the cream of the digital world?

Inviting applications from geeks and enthusiasts to enter the Media Hackathon, proudly presented by ManoramaOnline in connection with Techspectations, the first ever digital media summit in Kerala.

Techies from all over will compete in the Media Hackathon to come up with unique applications on given themes. The 3 finalists chosen from all the entries can pitch their ideas to an elite invite-only crowd of the titans in the digital scene. There is no time to be lost, register today!

How It Works


Click on the apply now button and fill in your details.


Wait for us to shortlist and get back to you. Once you receive the email RSVP ASAP

Show Up

Find your way to our venue on November 12th, 2016 and gear up for the hackathon

Show Off

Get coding and build awesome hacks. Commit your code to Github.


An exhibit of every team's creation that will be evaluated by our panel of judges.


Winners gets cash prizes and an opportunity at the Media Summit to showcase their hacks before industry leaders.


Team:1-QBurst Technologies

NotJus News & GoViral

Athul Jayson
Eldhose Shibu
Kiran Balakrishnankiran
Kiran Jose


Hey News

Abdul Muhaymin Arif
Sabeer Sulaiman
Athul Dilip
Nazal TK



Ajo John Mathai
Aravind K P
Arun Varghese
Joel Varghese Sunny


This is going to be awesome!


Common questions and answers about the event

What is Techspectations Media Hackathon ?

The word "hackathon" is a portmanteau of the words "hack" meaning tool or solution, and "marathon". Hacking refers to innovative teamwork to develop solutions (hacks) to an existing problem in a short time-frame. Techspectations Media Hackathon would be held in Kochi on November 12th, 2016. There are opportunities to interact with other developers, build something cool and win exciting prizes.

Who’s organizing this hackathon?

This hackathon is organised by manoramaonline.com

How do I sign up for the event ?

You could sign up here by October 25th 2016. Based on the qualification process, you would receive an email letting you know about your selection and a link to RSVP. We would be restricting entries at the venue to participants who have RSVP’d and confirmed their attendance. Since there would not be any on-the-spot registrations, you would have to confirm your attendance via the link in the email by midnight, October 31st 2016.

How would I know if I have been selected ?

Qualification for the hackathon would be based on a ranking process that would take into account
- Skills and Expertise
- GitHub / Bitbucket Profiles
- Blogs
- LinkedIn Profile
You would receive an email letting you know about your selection and a link to RSVP.

Can I get a head start on my hack?

We recognise that it would not always be possible to build a working prototype in a one-day hackathon. Hence you would be allowed to bring in prior art. However it'd be required of you to have a spec of what would be built on the hackathon day and what was built before. Judging will take into account how much of the product was built on the hackathon day.

Travel Costs?

No, We dont provide travel reimbursement.

What should I build?

This would be a media hackathon and you can build any web, mobile applications or platforms in the language of your choice based on the themes/tracks given.

Can I use external APIs, services and SDKs?

Manoramaonline.com would provide you an api playground with the details of apis that'd would be made available during the time-frame of the hackathon. You are also encouraged to use any 3rd party services, APIs, open source projects, libraries, and frameworks as long as they are publicly available on the web.

When and where is the event?

Saturday, November 12th 2016 at Hotel Avenue Center, Panampilly Nagar, Cochin, Kerala - 682036

Will there be wireless Internet access?

Yes, although you might want to consider bringing a back up just in case our's fails at any point.

How big can my team be?

Teams can be anywhere from one to five members. All members must register and RSVP for the event.

What are the demos like?

You'll have 120 seconds to pitch to a panel of judges. You'll be provided with A/V support, a microphone, and a projector. Judges will evaluate your hack based on level of completion, novelty of the idea, uniqueness, usefulness, creativity and cleverness

Do I need to pay for this event?

Nope, It’s totally free!

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Yes, click here to read our code of conduct

Will there be food?

Yes, Don’t worry - we’ll provide full meals throughout the hackathon . You wont be hungry.


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Hacking Journalism

There are numerous opportunities for new platforms and tools in the media and publishing domain. Together let's reinvent the tools, products, and possibilities to create, publish and consume news.

Hack your way through any of the solutions including (though not limited to)

  • Platforms that lets users to follow & receive automatically generated status updates on topics like celebrities, politicians.
  • Ways to resurface evergreen content, packaging and organizing it in more useful ways.
  • Platform for celebrities & brands to host Q&A’s in real time, letting fans to participate in a 1:1 conversation (Twitter Q&A/Reddit AMA Reloaded).
  • Gamification ideas for crowd-sourcing content/photos/videos.
  • Tools for data driven journalism/storytelling allowing publishers to present complex information in increasingly smaller screens.
  • Combine collaborative and content-based filtering to build a hybrid recommendation engine that would engage readers through trending and personalized content.

The only limit would be your imagination!

Re-think Mobile News

The rise of the mobile web in recent years has been faster and more global than the rise of desktop web access in the 1990s, which brings new challenges and opportunities. The realities of a distracted mobile world, limited real-estate and constantly shifting presentation requires innovative ways to package news specifically for a mobile audience. From engaging push notifications powered by machine learning, to tag stories with geographic coordinates to serve up content that’s relevant to readers’ locations, or even a new approach to a news app tailored for small screens - build something new, break status quo and hack your way to glory!

News Bots

Messaging/Chat platforms are expected to be the next frontier in social news. The shift to artificial intelligence and human-like chatbots is changing the way we use our devices, allowing publishers to interact with their audience instantly and easier than ever before. Take up the challenge of adapting to a new medium of storytelling and hack your solution. Unlike old-school social, which is more about broadcasting, this would be much more personal — a space where conversations go in both directions.

Future Ready

Couldn't find your muse in our themes? Hack together anything you like in the Future Friendly track - Be Awesome!

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